Physics 6 Tutorial 10 - Bernoulli Effect and Coefficient of Drag



This tutorial is about flow of fluids.


It's an initially strange notion that pressure and energy density are the same thing.  However we will see how this concept leads us to the Bernoulli Effect, which explains why balls in games can take curved paths.  We consider the pitot-static tube used for measuring speed in aeroplanes.  We will also look at the coefficient of drag, which affects the paths of projectiles, among other things.  We will, as an extension, have a look at the skin friction.  We will look at some simple models using sporting examples.  Finally we compare turbulent and laminar flow, using the Reynolds Number to predict these.


Key Words:

aerofoil, pressure, streamlines, continuity equation, energy density, kinetic energy, potential energy, pitot-static tube, Bernoulli Equation, drag, drag, coefficient, skin friction, laminar flow, turbulent flow, Reynolds Number.


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