Astrophysics Tutorial 8 - Further Cosmology


This tutorial is for IB students, but all students are welcome to read it.


In this tutorial we are going to look at further aspects of Cosmology.  It is not the final word on the subject as our understanding is evolving all the time.


We will look at the Cosmic Scale Factor and its implications.  We look at the Cosmological Principle, before we consider rotation curves for galaxies.


We then go on to the fluctuation in Cosmic Microwave Background, considering the role of satellites in investigation and interpretation of this phenomenon.  We discuss what the satellites saw.


Finally we discuss cosmological red-shift, which is due to expansion of the Universe, rather than the movement of stars and galaxies.


Key Words:

Cosmic scale factor; radiation; dark matter; dark energy; time; temperature; energy; homogeneity; isotropic; anisotropic; rotation curve; fluctuation; cosmic microwave background; COBE; WMAP; Planck; Cosmological Red-shift;  Doppler.

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