Electricity and magnetism are inextricably linked.  Indeed the electric and magnetic forces were recognised very early on as different appearances of the same force.  In this topic we see how magnetic fields arise from electric currents, and how a current carrying wire produces a force when it interacts with a magnetic field.  This is at the heart of the electric motor.  There are motors of all sizes from little motors in toys to giant machines that propel ships and pump water in pumped storage schemes.

We go on to look at generator effect where a wire moved through a magnetic field generates a magnetic field.  We investigate Faraday's and Lenz's Laws.  We then look at the operation of an alternating current generator.

Then we investigate transformers which enable the bulk transfer of electrical energy around the country in the National Grid.

1. Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current
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2. The Generator Effect
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3. The Transformer Effect
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