Further Mechanics

Further Mechanics builds on what you learned in mechanics in Physics 2.  You may want to go back to revise this if you feel you have forgotten some of it.  Further Mechanics goes on to explore different themes that can be explained by Newton's Laws.  We will look at the concepts of momentum, and how it can be used to explain what happens when balls are struck, collisions, and explosions. 

We than go on to study circular motion that will form the basis of the movement of stars, planets, and satellites.  Circular motion concepts allow us to explain how cars go round corners, and how aeroplanes bank as they turn.

Then we will look at oscillations, when objects move with a regular to-and-fro movement.  We will revise phase and explain resonance.  From this we will go on to look at Simple Harmonic Motion, which explains how objects bounce on springs, and how pendulums swing.

1. Force and Momentum
Tutorial 1 Momentum and Impulse

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Tutorial 2 Conservation of Momentum

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2. Circular Motion
Tutorial 3 Simple Circular Motion Full Page Go
Tutorial 4 Examples Involving Circular Motion (Banked tracks and vertical circular motion) Full Page Go

3. Oscillations and SHM

Tutorial 5

Oscillations - Resonance and Damping

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Tutorial 6

Simple Harmonic Motion

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Tutorial 7

Simple Harmonic Systems

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Tutorial 8

Energy in SHM

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Tutorial 9

SHM and Circular Motion

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AS Data Sheet (.pdf file).  Click on the PDF icon.  Download it, print it off, and use it whenever you do a test. 

It will also make very good lavatory reading.  Knowing where a formula can be found will help you no end in the exam.

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