The Waves topic covers the properties and behaviour of waves. 

We will review the wave equation, which you will have met at GCSE.  We will then look at the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves.  We will look at the wave-forms of sinusoidal waves, including how longitudinal waves, such as sound, can be represented as graphs.  We then go on to explain how polarisation happens in a transverse wave, but not a longitudinal wave.  Then we discuss standing waves.

Musical instruments use standing waves, and we will look at how the musical sounds are made by varying the properties of the standing waves.

Then we investigate the wave properties of light, including diffraction, interference, and diffraction.

1. Wave properties
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2. Wave behaviour
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3. Wave behaviour of light

Tutorial 6

Reflection, Refraction, and Optical Fibres

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It will also make very good lavatory reading.  Knowing where a formula can be found will help you no end in the exam.

Waves Topic test based on past questions.  Model answers are available.

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