Mechanics is about the study of forces, energy, and movement.

We will look at how forces act, especially in equilibrium - important in structures. 

We then go on to look at moments and consider their significance in bridges and stability.

We will look at motion in a straight line, and consider Newton's Laws of Motion.  These were written 350 years ago, but are just as valid today as they were then.  We then go on to consider how work is done when a force is moved, then move on to efficiency and conservation of energy.

1. Forces
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2. Motion
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Tutorial 7 Terminal Velocity Full Page Go
Tutorial 8 Projectile Motion Full Page Go
Tutorial 9 Newton's Laws Full Page Go

3.  Energy and Work

Tutorial 10

Work, Energy, and Power

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Tutorial 11


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Tutorial 12

Conservation of Energy

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AS Data Sheet (.pdf file).  Click on the PDF icon.  Download it, print it off, and use it whenever you do a test. 

It will also make very good lavatory reading.  Knowing where a formula can be found will help you no end in the exam.

Mechanics Topic test based on past questions.  Model answers are available.

Topic Test

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Mock Exam
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