Electricity is an important way of transferring energy.  It has the advantage that it can be distributed nationwide from central power stations, where it is generated in bulk.  Electrical phenomena have been recognised by physicists for about two hundred years, and have been put to work over the last one hundred and fifty years.

In this unit, you will study the physics behind DC electric circuits and alternating currents.  You will also study the characteristics of some resistive transducers.

1. DC Electrical Circuits
Tutorial 1 Basic Electrical Measurements Full Page


Tutorial 2 Ohm's Law Full Page


Tutorial 3 Voltage-Current Characteristics Full Page


Tutorial 4 Resistivity Full Page


Tutorial 5 Energy and Power in a Circuit Full Page


Tutorial 6 Passive Transducers Full Page


Tutorial 7 Series and Parallel Circuits Full Page


Tutorial 8 EMF and Internal Resistance Full Page Go

2. Alternating Currents

Tutorial 9

Alternating Currents

Full Page


Tutorial 10

The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

Full Page


Tutorial 11

AC Theory  (Notes are not yet prepared.  Please visit my sister website HERE.)  Use Tutorials 4 and 5.


AS Data Sheet (.pdf file).  Click on the PDF icon.  Download it, print it off, and use it whenever you do a test. 

It will also make very good lavatory reading.  Knowing where a formula can be found will help you no end in the exam.

Electricity Topic test based on past questions.  Model answers are available.

Topic Test

Mock examination using a past paper (June 2009).

Mock Exam
Mark scheme for the past paper.  Note that a mark scheme does not give model answers.  If in doubt, ask your teacher. Mark Scheme

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