Test Yourself on Tutorial 1



  1. Why might a good electrical conductor also be a good thermal conductor?

  2. Comment on a variety of sources of electricity as a means of powering a city?

  3. How is an ammeter wired in a circuit?

  4. How is a voltmeter wired in a circuit?

  5. Explain how you would find the resistance of a resistor if you had a battery, a resistor, 5 wires, an ammeter, and a voltmeter.

  6. You have five 1.5 V cells. Explain how you would  connect them to give:                                                       

    (a) the highest output potential              (b) a given current for the longest possible time         (c) an output potential of 4.5 V

  7. Calculate how much electrical energy is supplied by a 12 V battery when:                                       

    (a) a charge of 2000 C passes through it.             

    (b) a current of 3.5 A flows from it for 25 s.                

  8. What is the resistance of the following?

    (a) A torch bulb that draws 0.25 A from a 12 V supply.

    (b) An immersion heater that draws 10 A from a 240 V supply.