Monday 9th October 2017

The New Academic Year

You are now into your course.  I hope it's going well for you.


If you have completed your A-levels successfully, I wish you every success in your university course.  I have some notes on my sister website that may help you in your first year Physics course.


This Site

I have now completed the following:

I have added more material that I have used in teaching my own students.  I hope it makes the notes easier to follow.  I have added stuff from other syllabuses as well as the AQA.  I will be mapping the contents of all the syllabuses with the contents of the site, so that students will be able to look at the syllabus they are doing and click to find notes on the topics.


I will keep the design the same.  I still use FrontPage as a web-editor, and that's the way I have learned to use it.  The appearance may be rather dated, but I am as well.  So there.




The philosopher A C Grayling, Master of the Humanities College has written this article which can be found with this link:


He writes with a clarity of thought and expression on this issue that is compelling.  That's why he's a professor, and I am a superannuated physics teacher.  I will let him speak for himself.



Until the next time I saddle up my high horse, enjoy and good luck.  I hope you do well.